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    Appendix: The Giants - More Evidence

    I could always count on the bodybuilding magazines to inform me of the latest advances in science, particularly when it came to things dealing with the human body. 

    In January 1998, Muscle & Fitness (M&F) Magazine announced a disturbing discovery.  It was a short two page article tucked away in the magazine's "LAB NOTES" department on pages 52 and 53.  The title of the article read: Discovered: The Muscle-Building Gene.  The subtitle read: M&F and researchers at John Hopkins University join forces in exclusive study.

    The article began like this:

    "This is a call to arms - big arms, that is.  Se-Jin Lee, MD, PhD, of the prestigious John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, is looking for men and women with muscle to volunteer for a project that involves an unusual and exciting scientific discovery.  The results could have profound implications not only in medicine but also in the world of bodybuilding."

    The Article went on to report what three molecular biologists had created:

    "They developed what were called "knockout" mice by knocking out or removing a single gene, in this case GDF-8 (growth/differentiation factor 8) or myostatin.  Myostatin is just one in an ever-growing list of genes that are part of a growth factor known as transforming growth factor-B (TGF-B).

    Myostatin is normally found in many different muscles, but when the researchers removed this gene, they found that the knockout mice grew significantly larger and more muscular than their normal counterparts.  In fact, these mice were 30% heavier than normal, and this was due to an increase in muscle mass!"

    Now, with all of that having been said, remember they stated that they needed men and women volunteers for this ground breaking research.  The magazine reported:

    "The main purpose of this study is to determine whether the myostatin gene performs the same function in humans as it does in mice."

    Granted, the researchers at John Hopkins University are not trying to genetically engineer giants.  The article states:

    "Showing that the myostatin gene can regulate muscle mass in humans could be an important step toward ultimately developing agents that could be used to increase muscle mass in humans, particularly in patients with muscle degenerative diseases such as muscular dystrophy or muscle atrophy or wasting diseases such as AIDS or cancer."  The point is, they make it clear in the article that "numerous drugs could be developed that could act as antagonists to the myostatin".

    So, like a mechanic using his tools to remove the governor installed by the automobile manufacturer, so that the car will go faster, a person could take one of these drugs that would knock out the God-given gene that controls growth and "presto" they grow bigger.

    Just because the drugs would be manufactured to treat diseases like muscular dystrophy and other degenerative diseases does not mean that a bodybuilder who wants to get bigger wouldn't use it.

    Below is a clipping from the "LAB NOTES" article.

    Comparison of the normal vs. mutant mice with the myostatin gene knocked out.
       Comparison of the normal vs. mutant mice with the myostatin gene knocked out.

    At the close of 1999, just a few weeks before the world entered into the 21st century, I was doing an online search through the National Library of Medicine when I found this record:
    TITLE: The mouse becomes a dachshund
    AUTHORS: Gad JM; Tam PP

    AUTHOR AFFILIATION: Embryology Unit, Children's Medical Research Institute, University of Sydney Australia

    SOURCE: Curr Biol 1999 Oct 21; 9(20):R783-6

    CITATION IDS: PMID 10531023 IU:20003081

    ABSTRACT: Targeted deletion of the gene for GDF11, a novel member of the TGFbeta family, has been found to cause an increase in the number of thoracic and lumbar vertebrae in the mouse.  This is the first hint that a secreted factor may influence the specification of segment identity.

    The removal of the God-given gene for GDF-11 makes the backbone grow longer, and the removal of the God-given gene for GDF-8 makes the body grow larger and more muscular.

    By now, I think you can see where these genetic studies are headed.  When this research and development succeeds, the previously mentioned scenario in humans will not require a sophisticated genetic laboratory, but a simple written prescription from a doctor or the services of a black market drug dealer to get the drugs that will knock out the genes.

    The 20th century had more advances in science, medicine, and technology than all of the 19 centuries before it combined.  This rapid increase in knowledge is a clue that we are in the last days before Jesus Christ's return.  Here's what the Bible tells us:
    But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased .
    - Daniel 12:4

    Now I know that some of you reading this will be thinking - "Yeah, yeah, they have been saying that Jesus is going to return for centuries, besides, knowledge has been increasing since the very beginning of time."

    Well, if that's what you are thinking, read this:
    Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming?  for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
    - 2 Peter 3:3+4

    Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not  the Son of man cometh.
    - Matthew 24:44

    Epilogue: The Final Call