In memory of Abraham K. Biggs Jr. aka CandyJunkie on the forum known as the Misc.
In memory of Abraham K. Biggs Jr. aka CandyJunkie on the forum known as the Misc. Members Spread Terror And Encourage Death Over Internet Forum

On January 8th, 2008, a member of began a campaign in the forum known as the Misc. with the goal of attacking our Christian ministry and to assault my wife and I.

The forum thread quickly became popular among the other forum members of and they began posting pictures of my wife and I, pictures of our home where we operate our Christian ministry including aerial photographs taken by satellite. They even posted auditor records of our home. 

One member posted: Forum: "Another life is about to be ruined by the misc." - backinbusiness, member of

Shortly after the initial forum thread was started, we began to receive death threats from members of by email.

Other members were encouraged to join in and within an hour and a half; one of the administrators OR moderators of had stickied the thread. A sticky thread is a thread that always stays at the top of the forum so that everyone is sure to see it. Administrators and moderators of the web site are the only ones that can perform this action. members continued to encourage others to join in. They even recruited from other areas of the massive web site. Activity in the thread continued for more than a month. There were over 160 usernames that participated in the gang style attack.

One member posted our home office ministry phone number in a large font and commanded, "GO!!!!" The following message was left on our voice mail containing a threat to burn down our house: (To listen, refer to video)

It gets worse...

It was reported in the forum thread that the CEO of, Ryan DeLuca was made aware of the situation and sure enough, he was.

Our ministry received an email from DeLuca threatening legal action AGAINST US!

You see, our ministry wrote an article to make parents aware that if there children were surfing the web site they could be accessing dangerous information on how to home brew anabolic steroids and how to inject themselves with needles. (See:

In Deluca's email, he wrote:

   Email received from CEO, Ryan DeLuca.

I responded to Ryan DeLuca's email by writing:

   Email sent in response to CEO, Ryan DeLuca's email.

DeLuca's primary response to that was:

"I think it is going to be best to let the court decide on this one."

In just a little over a month after sending me the email DeLuca was active on the Misc. forum where he started a post that read:

Ask a guy that started anything...

He went on to say:

"Somebody said I should do this. Why not? Ask away. I may Not be able to respond to all questions quickly... you know, I still have to be CEO of a $100 million business today."

One member asked him:

How familiar are you with the forums/misc slang and history?

DeLuca responded:

"I'm very familiar with all of them... I surf the Misc. during lunch while eating my subway turkey sandwich and at night on my laptop..."

Another member asked:

are u a fellow misc'er?!?!?

DeLuca responded:

"For life! (We need our own Misc. gang sign. Ideas?)"

Another member asked DeLuca:

Would you ever let your kids surf the Misc?

DeLuca responded:

My son: Yes.
My daughter: NO.

Another member asked:

Why can't we talk about weed in the misc?

To this DeLuca responded:

"It's best not to talk about anything illegal if possible to avoid unwanted attention."

Yet another member asked: you think the misc is a liability/will bring your whole business to steaming wastemass that will make you lose... your millions?

DeLuca responded:

"My "millions" are outside of the business now, safe and secure from the Misc. shenanigans.

Let me remind those of you viewing this video that the misc. section of the web site that is being referred to here is the same forum that has gained worldwide attention in the media regarding the death of Abraham K. Biggs Jr. who committed suicide after announcing it in the misc. section of the forums.

News reports state that forum member's egged Abraham Biggs, Jr. on to commit suicide.

He was an active member of the forum and once wrote that:

" has become like family to me (I know its kinda sad) but I find myself posting my life troubles and doubts on here, because I really don't want to talk to most ppl about stuff going on with me."

When the news broke about the suicide of Abraham Biggs, access to the web site became unavailable. The following message appeared when trying to visit the site: is currently
undergoing routine maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience
this may cause. Normal operations
will resume shortly.

When the site came back up, one of the members of started a forum thread in the misc. section of that read:

CJ'S posts were deleted while forum was down

Now, as a side note for those of you viewing this video that are unaware, CJ refers to CandyJunkie which is the username that Abraham Biggs, Jr. used to post on

The member that started the thread continued on to write:

seems that they cleaned up a bunch potential evidence to avoid any investigations by the feds.

I bettcha some mods and eggers are deleting their own accounts and running for the hills as we speak.

Another member posted in response that:

If I was the CEO I wouldn't want any evidence leading back to me either. He could potentially get sued.

Upon further investigation we found a discussion in the forum regarding a lawsuit against DeLuca's members for assault, libel and slander.

In the forum conversation, DeLuca writes: Forum: "What if we deleted all IP addresses from our forum database on accident and then disabled IP logging for the future (using a simple vBulletin option)?" - CEO, Ryan DeLuca

A member posted these instructions after Ryan DeLuca asked the question: Forum: "The effectiveness of that, sir, would also require that you trash your backup tapes, supposing you use tapes... or trash your SAN, assuming you back up to some kind of storage array. What you need, is an "evil hacker" to trash your IP logs, and replace whatever command you use to restore your tapes... with BASH file which overwrites said tape... or trashes said backup set on your SAN That way every backup set you have is "bad", and you don't find out until "too late" that all of your backups were "corrupted"." - silicon mayhem, registered user at

O.K. viewers, here's the big question. How many more people have to get hurt or even die as a result of this activity in the forums before justice prevails?

Here is what we are going to do.

If you feel that you have been victimized while posting on, if you have suffered from feelings of distress, anxiety, depression, grief, embarrassment, if you have been libeled, if you have received threats of bodily harm, or maybe you are someone that witnessed the egging on of the suicide of Abraham Biggs while viewing the misc. forum...then you may be eligible to participate in a class action lawsuit and benefit in a potential settlement.

If you think that you have been a victim, you need to do the following:

1.) Save the complete forum posting where the offense occurred. Take a screen capture and save it to your hard drive or a flash pen drive. If you do not know how to do this, then at the very least, print out the complete offending forum thread. Make sure that you do not edit any of your own posts, as doing so will look suspicious.

2.) Be diligent in making certain that none of the offending posts have suddenly disappeared. If they do disappear, make a record of this as this suspicious activity could mean that someone is trying to cover up evidence.

Also, make certain that someone else has not edited your posts without your knowledge. Again, printing or saving a screen capture NOW will provide proof of tampering later if someone else has edited your posts.

3.) Contact me, Dennis L. Bates at Muscle Missions via email at or you may write to:

Muscle Missions
PO Box 3150
Westerville, Ohio 43086

When writing or sending an email, please describe in your own words how you feel you have been victimized when posting on the forums at Include your username exactly as it appears on including all capital and lowercase letters, spaces, underscores, numbers and symbols. Also, please provide your contact information including your city, state, and zip code along with the best contact phone number where you can be reached so that we may verify your claim if necessary.

We look forward to hearing from you. Together we can put a stop to this, as there truly is strength in numbers.

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