The logo above is a trademark of and is shown here for informational purposes so that parents can beware of this company.
The logo above is a trademark of and is shown here for informational purposes so that parents can beware of this company. - Internet Site Teaches Kids How To Make Steroids At Home!

Voted one of the top 100 retail web sites on the Internet, teaches your kids how to make and use anabolic steroids at home!

   Russ DeLuca seen here with a female bodybuilder. It is reported that Russ, who is the Treasurer of, is involved in running the entire business. His office is set-up like one of those command centers you see in the movies about billion dollar companies. Photo Credit and Source:
What would you do if you found your kids messing around with dangerous chemicals, attempting to make a batch of anabolic steroids in your kitchen?

It could be happening right in your very own home! 

If your child is into lifting weights, reading bodybuilding magazines like Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness, drinking protein shakes and taking creatine in an attempt to build bigger muscles, then chances are your child is also surfing the Internet for bodybuilding related information. 

It won't be long before your child stumbles upon an Internet site called A guy by the name of Ryan DeLuca started the web site. Also credited with operating the site are family members, Jeremy and Russ DeLuca. It has been reported that Russ DeLuca is involved with running the entire business with Ryan and Jeremy as co-owners.

It wouldn't be surprising to learn that your child has already found the web site and is already getting all sorts of "How-To" information delivered right to your home computer through your Internet connection. Considering that the site boasts that more than 800,000 enthusiasts have posted 19 million messages online over the past 5 years, you should pay very close attention to your child's online activities if he or she is into bodybuilding and fitness.

   Ryan DeLuca, CEO (left) and Jeremy DeLuca, Vice President of - Photo Credit:
Could your child be one of the 800,000 that are already gathering information on how to make and use steroids right in their own home? It's very possible since all your child needs to get this kind of information is a computer and an Internet connection. That is all your young son or daughter would need to access more than 19,000 pages of free information that appears to be targeting young kids and teenagers who are looking to build bigger muscles and tone up their bodies.

PARENTS PLEASE TAKE NOTE: is the most visited bodybuilding and fitness site in the world and your kids may be learning how to make and use dangerous anabolic steroids for free from that very web site! Seen below are just a few examples of the kind of dangerous information kids can find on

   The web site includes a "Frequently Asked Questions" section regarding the home brewing of anabolic steroids as seen above.

   With a computer, an Internet connection, and a few clicks of the mouse, your kids may be learning how to make injectable anabolic steroids when visiting the web site. Seen here above, is just a small portion of a forum post that goes into great detail on how to make injectable steroids. even provides tips on how your kid can make it less painful when he or she sticks the needle filled with steroids into their body.

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