Former Steroid Dealer, Competitive Bodybuilder, Gym Owner, and Bodybuilding Contest Promoter Exposes the Dark Side of Bodybuilding!
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A top Mr. Olympia contender has been captured on video tape performing what appears to be witchcraft as part of his training!

A trophy given away at a major I.F.B.B. event is shaped in a design used to symbolize the worship of Lucifer!

Flex and Muscle and Fitness magazine seem to be using subliminal messages to brainwash you!

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    Craig Titus Gets Put In Solitary Confinement

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    The evening Craig was taken to segregation he had called our office. We were to work on more of the "Titus Tells All" book and he said that he would call back in an hour to do so. Two hours had passed and the phone rang...I thought that it was Craig, but it wasn't.

    The phone call was from an individual calling to inform me that guards took Craig out of his cell and that this was an unusual occurrence.

    This happened after a very long lapse from having communicated with Craig via phone regarding the "Titus Tells All" book that is supposed to be about bodybuilding and not the case.

    Everything seemed to be normal with Craig when he called that night. "How could things change so drastically in two hours?" I thought.

    It was reported by Glenn Puitt that:

    "Two weeks ago, the Review-Journal confirmed that Titus was placed in administrative segregation at the jail. Police would not say why."

    For more information visit

    Here you will read a letter that was written 1 month prior to Craig being placed into segregation on the evening of November 21st, 2006. Calls had virtually stopped coming in from Craig since the 22nd of October, except, for the one we received just two hours prior to his segregation where he is now unable to place calls to our office.

    As a side note, I am currently reading - Brothers of Iron: How the Weider Brothers Created the Fitness Movement and Built a Business Empire by Joe and Ben Weider along with Mike Steere. It was released September 1, 2006. On page 124 of the book, I just learned that Joe Weider has a condo in Vegas.

    Joe Weider writes:

    "We bought our first getaway home there. Our latest is a penthouse on the 38th floor of a brand-new condominium tower, not two blocks from where the little apartment I rented in 1960 stood."

    Joe continues:

    "I think maybe I got to Vegas at the perfect moment in time. It still felt like a dusty little desert town. People were so friendly, and they knew my name at the one big grocery store that was the closest thing to a supermarket."

    I would like to add to this, "How many people in Vegas do you suppose know the Weider name now?" Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia has been held in Las Vegas every year since 1999. 

    Joe Weider continues on page 125:

    "In Vegas, I did what I always did - I worked. I ran the magazines back in Jersey by phone..."

    So, Craig Titus wants to expose Joe Weider's bodybuilding empire by phone.

    Perhaps within the "Titus Tells All" book resides the answers to all of this.

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