Former Steroid Dealer, Competitive Bodybuilder, Gym Owner, and Bodybuilding Contest Promoter Exposes the Dark Side of Bodybuilding!
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Bodybuilding's Darkest Secrets Revealed!

Did you know...

  • In the 1980's, the Weider Research Clinic had a member on their staff who taught the I.F.B.B. champs a form of witchcraft to further their muscular gains?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger used a form of sorcery during the taping of the bodybuilding documentary film "Pumping Iron?''

  • A top Mr. Olympia contender has been captured on video tape performing what appears to be witchcraft as part of his training?

  • The official I.F.B.B. logo closely resembles a symbol used by an occult Luciferian organization?

  • Many occult symbols can be found in the stage backdrops of several I.F.B.B. shows?

  • A trophy given away at a major I.F.B.B. event is shaped in a design used to symbolize the worship of Lucifer?

  • Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazines seemed to be using subliminal messages to brainwash you?

Does the International Federation of BodyBuilders (I.F.B.B.) have a secret agenda to lead you into devil worship? Is it really possible that the founders of modern bodybuilding, Joe and Ben Weider, worship Satan? Can the success of their bodybuilding empire be attributed to their loyalty to Lucifer?

Does this link to Lucifer help further explain the sudden deaths of two Mr. Olympia contenders and the murders commited by top bodybuilders?


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